Personal Cushion Covers

Construction, Homeware

As you might be able to tell…I have been clearing out my room and finding many a gem as I go. Memorabilia from an extremely happy and crazy childhood!

One of them was an old school leavers hoodie! I think by now many of us have things like this…and I really didn’t want to part with it because it includes ALL the names of ALL the people I met at school, many of whom I hardly hear hide or hair from!

So, I was thinking about what to do with it when I remembered that my mum once made her dad a cushion cover with one of his old coats which had a few memorable badges on and that sparked off my imagination!

I reduced the depth of the jumper on the front, being sure to keep the school badge and the pockets (!) and cut out the section of names on the back and created a very simple cushion cover out of them! Using the excess ribbing, I overlapped it front to back and stitched it down…and I am thrilled with it! Additional memorabilia came in the shape of school ties too!

It would be fairly easy to create fastenings instead of stitching the cover closed, to make it easier to remove and wash the jumper/cushion and I feel it is something which might appeal to others – we all keep sentimental items and then wonder where we should put them, keep them or do with them, and this is quite an elegant solution!

I caught the bug a little, and added a small bade design of my Fresher’s Fair from Huddersfield Uni to an old cushion to brighten it up too…think I should stop now!


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