Funked up lamp shades!

Construction, Homeware

My boyfriend and I are moving into our new flat at the end of August and both our families have been really generous (or sneaky, whatever way you look at it!) by giving us some stuff they do not need or want anymore for us to furnish the flat with! For example, his mum has this gorgeous oak table which folds out and matching chairs to go with it, but they need some TLC…anyway…getting sidetracked from the title…!

My mum passed on these two lamps, which are nice, there is nothing wrong with them, but from my oo arh! sessions I have realised that a little bit of colour can really make a difference to an item.

So I started to research what one can do with a tired looking lamp shade and had to mini inspiration bolts. With the first, I decided I would use an old map of where I went to uni (again, from my mum) and use that and some ribbon to decorate it with!

I rolled and marked the lamp shade on some pattern paper, cut it out and I had my own pattern to reference. I cut the map out with the pattern and checked it fitted snuggly!

Then I went ahead and slowly, section by section, sprayed glue onto the lamp shade and stuck the map down over it – I repeated this the whole way across the shade and it worked rather well – there were some bumps but that was to be expected as paper is not as forgiving as fabric.

The bottom line of the shade was neat but the top one could so with some attention so I glue gunned some ribbon over the top to conceal the rough edge and around the base of the lamp, just to tie it into the design… and there you have it! I’m pretty chuffed with that one!

With the second, I decided to make one just for me – and I have a small obsession with bikes, and cards with bikes on, and fabric with bikes on…and I happened to have hoarded some beautiful bike fabric!


For starters I painted over the boring grey, using a bright royal blue to match some of the bikes on the fabric!

I then used the same patter from the first shade, since they are identical, and cut out my fabric, leaving 1″ seam allowance all around, just to be safe.


Just like the map shade, I used spray mount to attach the fabric securely to the shade, leaving ample allowance for me to trim down to size.

I cut the allowance as fine as I dared to the under fold and began glue gunning the over lap down – ok, so it was not as neat as I had hoped but it is on the inside so hopefully will not be seen! Neat or not, the glue did it’s job and I am really pleased with the way they have both turned out – much funkier and more exciting than a run of the mill lamp shade, and they will add a personal touch to our little flat!


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