T-shirt trousers!

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You know all those old t-shirts you used to wear all the time…? Or those ones from that first ever gig you went to…? Or from your favourite bands…?

I have so many my draw would not close anymore! So when I had a bit of down time, I decided to put them to good use! I really did not want to charity them, because most of them have fond memories…and I love my music!

I saw a picture of some AMAZING yoga trousers online made out of Beatles Tees and I thought ‘That is exactly what I need’!

So I got cutting…firstly I cut of the bits I wanted to keep and then stitched the together in little tubes together – I kept them all the same width but varied the length so each trouser leg would be asymmetrical. And I am so so pleased with them!

They are some of the comfiest trousers I own! And….I made them! I used the waistband to tighten the top of the trousers by folding it back over itself!

So..I’ve got the bug now and decided to make another pair…but tighter this time!

I used the same method of making but fitted each rectangle to my legs! I think they worked really well, but a bit less faltering than the baggy ones…I had a bit of trouble getting the crotch right so I was able to cover it up with a little skirt which folded over the waistband!

Now my boyfriend wants a pair of baggy ones too! This could be an interesting line of business to open…I’m sure I cannot be the only one with too many T-shirts lurking in their wardrobes!

Boondocks 2016

Construction, Festivals

I was lucky enough to join the fantastic crew behind Boondocks for a festival packed with amazing music and lovely Boonies!


There was such a community feel to the weekend, everyone knew everyone, and visitors to oo arh! had some truly lovely comments to pass on and fantastic suggestions for what I could make for next year – so a huge thank you to those who have inspired me to carry on with oo arh! and keep your eyes peeled next year.


As you can see, we have invested in a much stronger and better marquee…not tape or zip ties needed to hold it together this year! And the addition of more fairy lights and lanterns has created a homely feel.


It was a smaller affair than WOMAD, but that seemed to make it all the nicer – not as many people to fight in order to get to the port-a-loos and a smaller venue meant, even whilst manning the stall, we could still hear and appreciate the brilliant acts. It also meant we actually stood a chance of meeting the stars of the stage – some of the Goan Dogs guys came to the stall for a chat and a laugh which was amazing, and Natalia Tena joined in a belly dancing workshop I was at!! Pretty amazing! It also meant I noticed people wearing my clothes around the festival – there were a group of guys who bought two jumpers and a jacket and wore them together! A lovely lady who bought a jacket which really suited her who I saw quite a lot and the belly dancing teacher form Malmesbury nabbed the riding jacket which look amazing on her! There were many more including these two lovely ladies…


I always have to do a double take when I see my clothes on people – I can hardly believe it…they are wearing oo arh! So proud!


This festival has made me realise areas I need to improve on and has actually made me appreciate how fantastic it is that I have made it another year! So another big thank you to those who believed in me, and helped me get here again! See you next year…