1950’s Swivel Chairs!

Commission, Construction, Homeware

One of my old school friends got in touch last year to see if I would be interested in revamping her mum’s chairs – she sent me a photo of them and of course I said yes, look at them, so much fun to tackle a swivel chair!

So, it turns out that these two chairs belonged to Sandie’s father and were in his office for many many years, and her children remember playing on them when they moved from the office to the grandparent’s house. So they are sentimental items as well as excellent pieces of furniture!

Unfortunately, while Sandie and her husband rented their house out both seat cushions went walk-abouts and one chair was left outside! So they definitely deserved some TLC.

Sandie’s husband took the bases off so I was able to take them home to work on, they were surprisingly lightweight! First things first, stripping the old fabric off…


It was all fairly simple, and I kept the fabric sections to make rough patterns from for the new fabric. I also decided to keep the orange foam on, it was flaking off in places but created a good base . I purchased some upholstery foam in a sheet (which was a new thing for me!) to make the chairs extra squishy…


Because of the material chairs were made from I was able to use my staple gun which made the whole process a lot quicker!

The next step was applying the new fabric – Sandie had found the most amazing printed velvet from Just Fabrics in Cheltenham, so many different colours in it and so bright and cheerful!


The velvet had a lovely amount of stretch which helped when trying to achieve a smooth finish – I can’t believe how good it looks already!

Then I added the backing fabric, which was from Sandie’s fabric stash (it’s always a good idea to check what you’ve got in the back of your cupboards or in the attic) which complimented the velvet nicely, bringing out the brighter colours…


I added a navy blue trim to cover the staples and the whole chair was beginning to look amazing!

I started in on the seat cushions – ordering foam cut to the exact size from GB Foam and using the off cuts from the velvet and backing fabric to create two sided cushion covers so Sandie could decided which looked best in her house, and be able to change her mind!


And here they are!! I think I prefer the navy side up but its great to have the option…


Sandie also requested some scatter cushions made from whatever was left after covering the chairs, so I purchased three 20″x 20″ fillers from Ebay and got cracking…


I’d never made cushions with the zip on the seam before so I had to do a bit of research but managed to figure it out and I am super pleased with the results…


The scatter cushions will really help draw the whole living room together – can’t wait to see them in situ! Sandie’s husband was able to clean up the bases as well so they really do look like new chairs – so pleased they are happy with their revamped swivel chairs!


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