Granny’s cushion covers

Construction, Homeware

Another family project – my Granny has had her sofa since we were little and she likes to have it updated everyone now and then. And this time she asked me if I might be able to make her some new cushion covers that would match her interior. Of course, I said yes, and set about choosing some fabrics…


I finally decided on these two lovely vintage style fabrics that will hopefully compliment any living room. I also purchased some piping cod and 3 zips to make an elegant fastening to the covers.


I topstitched the vintage fabric to the right hand side of the zip and attached the piping cord to the right side of the floral fabric.


And then attached the two sides of the covers together via the zip…


And the finally stitched both sides together over the piping cord to complete the cushion cover.


I am quite pleased with the finish of the covers – especially since these are my first proper ones I have ever done! I hope she likes them and I will add a few photos of them in situ when my Granny has received her new items.

I have just been emailed this lovely photo! And she said she is really thrilled with them!

Sampler for Rosemarie Browne

Construction, Homeware

Alex was asked to be Godfather to his sister’s little girl (of course he said yes!) and so we are off to a christening! He presented his other niece and nephew with a special gift at their christenings and I thought it would be nice if I could give the new arrival a present too…

When we were born, my Granny made Matty and I samplers each – we still have them to this day and they are treasured possessions. I thought, how lovely it would be if I could continue the tradition!

Now my Granny creates the most beautiful cross stitch…she did teach me when I was little but I could never hope to replicate such perfection, so I decided to do one in my own style instead!

I did a bit of research and found some lovely examples on Pinterest and decided that an embroidery hoop would work well for a frame, like the gift I made for Alex – so I got about choosing fabrics…


I went with a lovely dusty blue so that I could use a white thread and colourful felt flowers would stand out really well on it as a background.

I split up my hoop with very carefully, I didn’t want my writing to be all lopsided and squiffy! That would never do for a gift! I also made sure I did a little sketch before I started so I knew what I was trying to achieve.


I added all the details that Pippa provided in our ‘New Arrival’ card to make the sampler as personal as possible. And then started cutting, making and arranging the felt flowers…


I wanted there to be as much colour as possible to lift the plain background so I just kept going and going – I started with the smaller flowers, which I added some glass beads to to add a little extra detail…


And the started organising the rest of the flowers to frame the name, and finally cut off the excess fabric and attached a piece of ribbon for hanging…


Overall, I am really pleased with the outcome of the sampler! It has a lovely handmade feel to it and glows with colour! I hope Rosemarie likes it as much as I do!


WOMAD 2017


Yes, back at WOMAD and could not feel more like a second home! We were in a slightly different pitch as they had reorganised the layout – this year we were on a lane with other craft people, like are old friends from Living Jewellery and Jane Follett and her lovely pottery! Also we were opposite some lovely food places – like pies and Caribbean food, and very close to the Bowers and Wilkins stage so we couldn’t be happier!

Again, we arrived early so we could set up with space and time, and then go home for a little respite and a bath!

We had some lovely customers, as usual, we seem to have some truly lovely customers who returned wearing previously bought beloved items and even found more to inspire them – I started an Instagram account to publish the images of our lovely customers! They are all up there but I would love to share them here too!


Old friends from our first Boondocks – a lovely couple with fab items!


Gent from Baby Boondocks with his new jacket to brighten up his WOMAD outfits!


A dapper gent with a passion for kilts, who found a waistcoat to match!


My beautiful mum, who, now I live away from home, does not see everything I make, got to have a root through the rails and fell in love with this fab jacket – doesn’t she look amazing!

We did really well over this festival season – I feel I am coming along leaps and bounds in order to find out what sells well, etc, and get a feel for new designs to fill my winter months with! So here’s to the next adventures!

Truck Fest!


First things first…have I mentioned we now have a van?! Yep, and he is beautiful and reliable and merry – complete with a beacon! He will be invaluable when it comes to packing for festivals, moving moves, and camping!

Anyway, back to business…a different festival?! That is right oo arh! branched out into the unknown world of other music festivals this year – Truck was an obvious choice really as it is local, very local, and Alex is a massive Rock Music fan…so the choice was easy!

I don’t mind admitting I was extremely apprehensive, I suppose I always am at the start of a festival, but since this one was new, and came with so many T&Cs one didn’t know what you were saying yes to…so we made a point of setting up early…and I mean early!


It looked like we were going to be all alone for Truck Fest – actually it was lovely to have the space to set up without being it other trader’s ways. We spent most of the Wednesday setting up, meeting our lovely neighbours and getting settled with our new van set up! We even purchased another mini marquee to go between the van and stall so we could keep dry (the forecast was WET!) and store food. Alex had to go back to work for a few days so Matty and I stayed and enjoyed the last rays of sun before the festival started on the Friday.

My fantastic staff even purchased their own oo arh! items to model…and support me! What would I do without them?!

We saw some brilliant bands – varying from new and upcoming local bands, to well known and loved ones – top of my lists have to be Girl Ray (the former) and Franz Ferdinand (obviously the latter!) and my lovely staff had to opportunity to see loads between shifts too, which is what I really wanted!


Yep, it was muddy – but being on a farm there were plenty of straw to go around! We made the most of it and only had a few casualties with muddy foot prints and we managed to keep our feet on the ground…some patches were like ice!


We didn’t take many photos but these two ladies were really fabulous in their oo arh! purchases – they even brought their husbands back to find outfits for them too!

To conclude, we met some really lovely people and even did a little networking – thank you to everyone who came to see us and make our weekend very enjoyable! Plenty of colour makes even the muddiest of festivals merry and bright! xx