Vintage Fairs and beyond!


That’s right, oo arh! is branching into the fun filled world of vintage!

Fo a while now many of my customers have recommended vintage fair to me as a fantastic place to trade and that I have a vintage-ey feel anyway so seemed like a natural step.

I did some research and there is some much going on in the vintage scene I didn’t know where to start!

I had a personal recommendation to try and get into the very oversubscribed and sold out MK Vintage Fairs in Milton Keynes – unsuccessful on my first attempt but fingers crossed for this upcoming one in September!

Some fellow traders I have met over the years spoke highly of Lou Lou’s Vintage Fairs – they have fairs almost every weekend up and down the country, so wherever you are there is probably one coming up new you and I cannot recommend them enough (if unique and vintage clothes, collectables, swing music, retro hair dos, amazing tea and cakes are your thing!).

So far I have been to Cardiff and Swindon with their amazing team and have not been let down by their marketing and advertising for their events, their organisation and helpfulness cannot be rated enough!


The customers are really lovely too – there to browse and chat and have a great day out and so complimentary! It is nice to be offering something different, with a fresh feel and something which you cannot get on the highstreet!

I wish I could do one every weekend but family commitments and other events have meant that I have not done one for a while – I’m having vintage withdrawal symptoms! Nevertheless I am booked into the Bristol at the end of April and cannot wait!


Finally, I have gone one step further and combined my old love of festivals with my new vintage obsession and we are thrilled to announce that we will be attending the Vintage Nostalgia Festival at the end of May Рa whole weekend dedicated to all things vintage and fun, what a way to start the festival season!

Stay tuned for more vintage exploits!


Large Dog Bed Commission

Commission, Construction, Textile work

I was approached by one of my husband’s (still getting used to saying that!) colleagues in making a dog bed for his mum’s birthday – apparently they have a lovely counter in their utility room with a dog bed underneath. So it needed to fit the specific measurements of the counter – it was 3m by 1m, however, since his mum’s dogs are very small he decided to go for a half bed to fit the space.

I did some research and found some great companies online who cut foam to size and deliver it! Expensive but super comfy, luxurious, and prompt.

We did some brainstorming together to figure out what colours and patterns his mum would like – Cath Kidston, patchwork, tartan, tweed, Ralph Lauren. So I had a lot to work on. We also thought it would be an interesting idea to have an oil cloth side so that if they dogs were wet from a walk his mum could flip the dog bed over and there would be no damage from their fur!

I started by hunting through my fabric stash and made a bundle of tweed and tartan scraps, large and small ones in a similar colour scheme. My first job was to wash all the samples so the dog bed can be laundered later down the line.

I then made the scraps into squares or rectangles to make composing the patchwork side easier. I overlocked all the edges so the inside is neat and tidy and is not affected when taking the cover on and off the foam.

Next I had the excellent job of build the patches together! This was so much fun!


I ironed each seam as I went which gave me a wonderful finish.

I also used my scraps to create the sides of the cover and to house the zip- when these were completed I was able to pin the patchwork side to the side panels, lay them over the foam and get the correct fit by moving the pins and stitching the line.

I did some research into oil cloth – especially Cath Kidston printed ones, these are quite dear but I found a company online who cut and ship oil cloth table cloths which had some lovely patterns and colours – the colleague chose one with charcoal printed dogs and I used the foam to trace the pattern piece!


I then had a lovely pencil line to stitch along, I still pinned it to the side panels first and checked it on the foam so I got a snug fit!



I have to admit, I had to redo the zip – originally I had inserted it on one of the shorter sides of the foam and due to it’s thickness (20cm) the zip would not stretch wide enough for me to insert the foam!

Never give up – I recut the zip so that it would fold around one corner and give enough space for the foam to be inserted.

It didn’t take long and success – I actually did a fist bump when I had wiggled the cover over the foam and zipped it closed!

I am so impressed, if I do say so myself, with how it has turned out – the corners are crisp and clean, the patchwork contrasts nicely with the precisely printed oil cloth and is nice and cosy for the little doggies!