Another personal cushion!

Construction, Homeware

I decided to make a cushion for Alex to match my school leavers hoodie cushion I made previously. Whilst unpacking we came across his own leavers hoodie and his old ties and I could wait to make another!

I used the cushions to help measure the jumper to ensure I was able to get all the names etc in, and instead of using the pocket (as I did for my own one) I decided to use the arms to make this one a bit different!

I then pinned the tie in place to join up the arms and fill in the gaps, I also had to add the badge and I really like the final composition!

And now we have two on the sofa!

50s dress with an Oo arh! twist!


In a moment of weakness I purchased a sewing magazine with 2 free patterns in it! I had a sudden urge to make something a bit different and these beautiful dresses seemed to fit the bill!

I decided to use some of the furnishing fabric I bought a while back as it would hold its shape and creat that classic look. 

I follow the pattern (ish) and decided to create two separate garments – the skirt and the top, so I could have more variety in the wear of them!

So I inserted the zip and sinply folded over the top edge of the skirt and am really pleased with the fit and the look of it!

I follow the instructions for the top too but did not attach it to the skirt. I also opens the front up to create more of a bolero style jacket which I think looks fab and something which could be slowly introduced to Oo arh!

Abingdon DIY

Construction, Homeware

So one month in and we have finally begun organising the spare room/ office space! As many may know, I like to be organised but it is hard when all you can see are boxes and bags and things that do not have a home!

Nevertheless, we put our heads together and…

A shoe rack!! V useful! I might even paint it to give it that oo arh! feel!

For the first time in my life, I used those picture hanging strips to secure the mirror to the wall! Impressive, as that is one heavy mirror!

More coat hangers! Alex was thrilled to be able to drill into the wall! Fantastic to have some more space. 

My bike has also been space-saved and is testing her head for heights on the wall!

And finally, a bargain from Home Bargains! Just what we needed to utilise space – can’t wait to start filling it!

So there you have it…bit by bit the study is taking shape! Watch this space (pun non-intentional)!