Removable seat covers!


Yes! I have taken my homeware skills to the next level by making the latest seat covers removable! I thought it was a good idea since they are for the dining chairs…

My new favourite shop is H&M Foam and Upholstery – you can order the foam your chair needs and they can cut it to size! How amazing is that! So I ordered four to fit my chairs…but I think I chose the wrong option or I got the measurements wrong – but no matter, a trusty bread knife can fix this!


Once I had my foam to the correct size, I began drafting ideas for the cover, doing the maths and making sure my lines were straight – I think it is longest I have taken over something like this, because if it ends up a little off it will be very noticeable!

I cut the top section in half and measured out the seam allowance so I could insert the zip – making these covers extremely useful!

I then attached the top (plus zip) and back sections to the top piece, and the side sections to the bottom piece, and then attached the two together, with four straps stitched into the bottom seams with velcro to make the seats easy to fasten. In hindsight this process was more complicated than it needed to be.

Although, the final outcome was better than I thought! But for the next cover, I decided to try a different process…

For the second cover, I stitched the side sections together first and then attached the front panel on to it – this was a lot quicker and easier! I have to add a small note about Bernie the overlocker – how much more professional do they look?! Am thrilled with it!


The outcome of the second attempt was a lot neater than the first…

And here are the other two – all of these covers were made with scraps or off cuts hunted out of my bundle of fabrics. So it was nice to dig the old favourites out agin to add colour and comfort to our little flat!

For the Love of Homeware!

Homeware, Textile work

So, some more home improvement projects to share with you!

An anniversary on a budget is one I can do very well! Especially since my boyfriend does not throw anything sentimental away! There is an old hoodie which he loves and used to wear constantly but it is now looking like it has seen better days – so I commandeered it and decided to turn it into something special which he can keep!

I bought a large tapestry embroidery hoop off eBay and used it as a template to cut around the design on the back of the hoodie, which was peeling from countless washes, and stretched the hoop over it creating a frame for the design and a handy way to hang the finished item on the wall.


I then started working into the design using wool in tones that I know Alex likes and which will compliment our flat! I simply stitched around the Chinese lettering and blanket stitched the name tag on as well!


I then moved on to the main dying and yang style design…I started from the outside circles and worked in using tapestry stitches and a few made up as I went along!

I love the raised effect the wool gives – it makes me want to stroke the pattern, even on the photographs!

I decided to blend grey and blue in the centre of the design to add a little more interest and finally it was done! And I am rather proud of it! I hope he likes it xx



Another shelf…? Yes please!

We got some more shelves donated from Alex’s parents for our study which are now completely full…of mostly my things I have to admit! But we still need more!


Another weekend project for Alex was to build some shelves for our numerous DVDs! We counted…excess of 200 and counting! We went about it in a similar way to the shoe rack but Alex had the brilliant idea of adding brackets to each shelf to strengthen them. We also chose thicker chipboard so it would not split as easy when we nailed it together.

I painted the outside edges of the shelves with the same colours as previously used for the stamping of the shoe rack and our drawers – so for once in our flat, a few things actually match! It really lifts the wood and makes it more oo arh!

I also want to paint this handmade item with the stencils and maybe some free hand pictures on the side nearest the sofa, as when one sits there it looks a bit bare! So I did some sketching and decided on scenes inspired by the ‘Hobbit’!


I bought some manga shading pens and a brush pen to make them look like proper illustrations! I split up the section in to five and started sketching in the ink brush pen. I the used the others to bring the sketches to life!


Overall, I am very chuffed with the outcome and would now love to do another one!