Mr Rat clothing commission!

Commission, Construction

A lovely lady posted on my Mum’s village Facebook page that she wanted someone who sews to make some clothing for her daughter’s favourite cuddly toy and my excellent mother sent me the link, knowing how much I love doing personal commissions! So, I got in touch with her, intrigued by the message, we chatted about options and I got hunting in my fabric stash…

And found some possibilities for his Pyjamas and…

Some off cuts to make a jacket for him!

Erena kindly sent me Mr Rat’s brother to use as a guide – I’m so glad she did otherwise it would have been very hard to create from a photo – who was not as cuddled so a little fatter but perfect to get the dimensions from!


I started with the PJ trousers – it felt like being back at uni because I got my calico out and started pinning and cutting around Ratty.


Surreal but so much fun! Now I spread my pattern out and cut from the red and white striped cotton Erena had chosen. I added elastic in the waistband and a little hole for his tail. The legs were the trickiest as they were so small I needed to sew them in by hand!


Well worth it though, because doesn’t he look adorable!


I moved on to the PJ shirt – a simple idea, basically a rectangle with arm holes but very effective.


Although I had a little mishap cutting the button holes…


It happens to the best of us and actually I am much happier with the second shirt as I made it a touch smaller to fit the skinner Mr Rat!

I used the same pattern for the jacket but wanted to make it a bit more special so decided to mix and match some of the tweed scraps to create an almost duffle coat look. I added a collar and pockets out of different fabric and I am super pleased with the results!

He looks absolutely adorable! And I hope the clothes fit the honoured Mr Rat well and that Erena’s daughter loves them as much as I do!

So, my first foray into creating clothes for toys was not what I expected but I absolutely love doing special Christmas commissions like these, knowing what you have made will go to a good home and be loved!

Merry Christmas Everyone and I hope your preparations for the festivities are going well – remember to think small and independent to support us indie makers and creatives, we live for jobs like this and even just a card or a scrunchie purchase truly makes us do a little happy jig! xx

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