Royal Shakespeare Company Placement

Construction, Textile work

I followed the process online, sent off my application and sort of forgot about it until this morning when I opened up me emails, expecting the usual spam and instead found a invitation to an interview at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon in February!

I was so excited I emailed back straight away saying how much I was looking forward to meeting them!

I think I was particularly ecstatic because just the day before my mum and I had a day visit to Stratford to see firstly ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ and the ‘Love’s Labour’s Won’ in the evening! It was so fantastic, beautifully and seamlessly produced and so magnificent to watch! Especially with the addition of music, dancing and singing!

So, I went for an interview which lasted a whole day and was extremely enlightening and fascinating! If anything it made me long to work there and learn from all the talented people behind the scenes making the magic that we see on stage happen.

We were divided into 2 groups to go around and have little talks form all the heads of departments into how they work and the processes they use. Then lunch and then split again into 5 smaller groups to go around and complete a few exercises to give us a taste of what each department does and to give them an idea of how we work and where our strengths and weaknesses lie.

It was good fun – if not a little nerve racking – most of the exercises were simple enough but we were all so nervous it was tricky to even thread the needle let alone hand sewing a label!

Nevertheless, I loved every minute of it and cannot wait to hear back to see if I have been honoured to get a 2 week placement! Is it bad to be really hoping I do?!


I had a really lovely couple of weeks working in the Ladies Costume Department – unfortunately due to confidentiality I cannot tell you exactly what I worked on, however, I have some pictures of what I was helping with!


A farthingale for rehearsal practise…

IMG_3443 IMG_3442

It was heavily constructed and something I had never done before, so that was an exciting task to start my week off with! I learnt how to insert plackets for fastenings which will not be seen, making a bum pad and creating a strong drawstring fastening so anyone can wear it in the future!


A little chemise to go under a corset, adding decoration to the costume.










I was lucky enouIMG_3468IMG_3467gh to be let loose on a corset! I have made one before but it was nice to be able to try my hand at it again – I was not able to finish it as I forgot how much tacking and prep went into it! But feel I have left it in a good place for someone else to pick it up and finish it if needed.

I had such an amazing time there – and even got to see some shows! Everyone was very friendly and it was fun to be in and around Stratford as it is so pretty there! I cannot wait to go back and see another show – great to think ‘yeah, I did that!’





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