Rita Ora’s skirt commission


So, am happily spending an evening with my Granny, mid January and I suddenly receive at text saying ‘I want a skirt like Rita’s on The Voice!’

Now I have never watched The Voice but since my mother decided that was what she wanted for her birthday, I quickly started my research into the show and it’s panel…and yes, the skirt looked gorgeous…so, I started on my second commission!

I could not find a fabric exactly like the panels of transparent and opaque black which is featured on Rita Ora’s skirt but I found a gorgeous black organza with a black taffeta as an underskirt (for modesty’s sake as my client wished to wear it at work) and got to work.

It was a very simple design – rolled hem around the bottom of each skirt and a channel hem at the top through which I passed a thick black length of elastic to draw the skirt into my mother’s measurements and sealed it together. I also added some dark blue lace which worked as a thick border to the otherwise fairly plain skirt, and just gave it that little lift which was needed!

A quick make but one which I am very pleased with…could I wear it myself….? No, it is for her birthday so I must be good!

Photos will follow!!



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