It has taken a while for the fact to sink in…that I am now a WOMAD trader!

We arrived on the Wednesday before WOMAD – since I only had a little marquee we didn’t think it would take too long to pitch, and it didn’t…we were there around 11 and set up having lunch around 1pm with all my clothes hung up ready for Thursday!

My happy campers and helpers x

My happy campers and helpers x

We knew Thursday would be slow, Matty and I have been a Thursday-Visitor many a time and know that not many people open but we thought we might as well. we had a few looks and even a couple of purchases!

Everyone there was so helpful and friendly – we made friends with the stalls next to us and even with a few others further round the arena, saying hello, chatting and even buying from one another! I was made to feel very comfortable and at home there!


The inside of my little stall!

I am very proud with my work and think the stall looked amazing! Bright and eye-catching! We had lots of people simply walking past saying ‘oo arh!’ which was very funny!

oo arh!

oo arh!

I got some really lovely feedback from customers, support from family, friends and other traders and confidence from seeing some beautiful pieces sell to happy homes! Like this lovely lady who fell in love with my handmade ‘tinkerbell’ style dress!

Beautiful and happy!

Beautiful and happy!

It was actually very tiring up on your feet serving and chatting all day but I have to say I loved every minute of it. Having three people worked quite well as one could be up and about whilst the others were relaxing, reading or sleeping then we swap so no one is too tired! We had some glorious sunny patches and some rainy ones too but overall, I think oo arh!’s debut was a success from which I can learn a lot and hopefully repeat next year at WOMAD!















We still managed to see some music, enjoy the fantastic food, do our own shopping and simple be at WOMAD – best of both worlds and would sincerely love to do it all again!

Thanks to everyone who came and visited, bought something special or simply had a gander – it meant the world to me! And to all those who helped me get there! See you again next year…??


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