More oo arh!

As part of my WOMAD preparations, I decided to try and get my own labels printed to give my clothes that professional finish! I registered with Alibaba online and was put in contact with a myriad of companies, each of whom could provide me with an excellent service – I was impressed and surprised by the shear number of them around, all friendly and eager to help.

I eventually settled on Maxfit Labels Co in Qingdao, simply due to the friendliness of Jennifer, the lady I have been consulting with, and the fact that in her first email she included a computerised diagram of the dimensions of my to-be label with folded edges for sewing and everything! I was so impressed I had to use her company!

It was £75 for 1000 labels AND to have them shipped over here…why wouldn’t I?!

Jennifer has also just sent me some photos of the final products –


They look absolutely fantastic and I still cannot believe this is happening!!! There will be more when they arrive!

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