Jackets ooarh-ed!

I really wanted to build on my ‘mens’ section for the WOMAD stall so purchased 8 men’s jackets for a reasonable price and decided to set about funking them up WOMAD style! My brother likes to complain that all jackets are boring at the moment so hopefully these will inspire his next outfit!

I decided first off the change all the buttons…away with generic boring buttons and hello floral, wooden, colourful ones of all shapes and sizes! Oh so simple yet oh so effective!

IMG_2526 IMG_2543

I also purchased a job lot of old ties at the same time and had a bit of a brain wave…jacket meets tie…why not use them to decorate?! So my first job was to separate the ties into colours, then match 3 or 4 ties with a jacket depending of the tones,etc and what went well together (I have to say I really enjoyed that part!)

I then started appliquéing the ties on…. Focussing on the collar, cuffs, pocket flaps, back pleats and seams and the top pockets for placement inspiration and here are a fe examples of how they turned out!




Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome, they certainly look better and more eye catching! I feel my hand seeing skills and deftness have been tested and enhance by this mini project!

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