I got the stall!!!

On 23rd March I received an email which told me I have been accepted into this years WOMAD festival to run my stall – I could hardly believe my eyes when I read it and literally jumped for joy!

I’m not sure if I really expected to get it but am so glad I did – and proud of myself, I have done this all by myself, obviously, asking advise on things I have no idea about but mainly using my noggin!

So, I had to send off acceptance forms to say ‘Yes, I am still interested!’ and another to say if I need electricity or water – I went for not as it was rather a lot of money for a little stall with all the extras…I think I’ll invest in some solar / battery powered fairy lights to give my stall that festival feel.

I also had to sort out and buy Insurance, covering me for damage or accidents in my stall which I had not even considered but I followed the instructions on the letter and websites and uploaded my insurance so now I can breath a little!

It still all feels a little unreal – I think when I start getting the marquee, etc. it will all catch up with me! So…watch this space!

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