Bleach Tie Dye Linen Trousers

I bought 9 gorgeous pairs of linen trousers which reminded me a lot of WOMAD – I always love the different pattern cutting styles and the way the seams fall at the side of the garments.

I decided to bleach tie dye them to make them even more exciting and really go down a storm at WOMAD!

So I got some rubber bands, bleach, a fork and bucket and headed to the bathroom to start the dyeing process!


I put the fork on the flat linen, twisted and continued to twist till the whole garment is circling the fork. Then I wrapped rubber bands around the clump to hold the folds together.


I then doused the garment in bleach in the bath, left it to soak for 5-10 mins depending on the deepness of the colour of the linen. Then unwrapped the bands and washed the clothes till the water ran clean and there were no bubbles left!

Then washed them properly, tumble dried them and admired the beautiful colours which have appeared! Hope you guys like them too!





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