Wedding Headpiece


Along with my wedding dress I decided to make something to go in my hair – since I have quite short hair, and normally I never do anything with it, I thought it would be really lovely to have some lace, flowers and feathers in my hair!

Not knowing exactly where to start I did my typical Google and YouTube searches and decided to start with a headband that I found on Ebay…


I added cotton wool to the ends because they were metal balls, that dug into my head…I thought, I’ll never last a whole day with these things hurting me! A simple solution but it seems to be working! I might cover them with plates tape nearer the time if the white stands out too much against my skin and hair.

I then purchased a Sinamay millinery base and secured it to an oval of felt with a glue gun, giving me a place to work around and from with the decoration.

I played around with adding the lace from Alex’s Grandma over the Sinamay and loved the effect!


If I could starch spray the lace that flops over the edges it would help create height and cover the places I weave flowers and feathers into.

I started experimenting with adding pheasant feather to the band…

Even though I love the idea, I think it might end up being too much…so headpiece take two!

I bought another hair band (a covered one, so hopefully it will be comfier than the metal one) and started playing with making the lace 3D out of the sample from Alex’s Grandma…

I started with small, well placed stitches to create texture and structure…

I then glued and stitched these arrangements to the headband. I also slipped some fine wire underneath some of the lace which fell off the band to give it some structure and shape. I then embellished the head piece with small beads…


And there you have it, after two attempts, I have a very ‘me’ head piece to wear at my wedding – not too showy, not too big, but pretty and upcycled!

I went to Maria Christina salon in Chippenham to have a trial of my wedding hair which ended up being more styled than I had anticipated but it really worked – she came up with the idea as she said the silhouette of my dress was very close to that of the 50’s! We booked her in to come and fix my hair and the headpiece the morning of the wedding and since she was coming anyway I thought it would be nice for the bridesmaids to have their hair done too – so they feel extra special! I purchased some beautiful hair clips from Bride Boutique for my three bridesmaids.

Excuse the weird selfie…was trying not to move while Maria did her thing!

IMG_1217 (1)

I love the vintage curls, and look what they turned into!


Maria understood exactly what I wanted and made me feel like a princess on my wedding day!


Official photographs by David Scammell.

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