Upcycled Peter Pan Costume

Commission, Construction, Textile work

I was contacted last year by a customer about making a unique costume for her son’s 18th birthday in 2018 – he had a Peter Pan costume when he was little and lived in it. So for his special birthday she wanted to replicate it for him! Such an original idea, so of course I said yes!

I wasn’t exactly sure where to start so, as per usual, I got on Pinterest to see what other people had done and get some inspiration.

I started with the feet and worked up…I wanted to make him some shoes…but then realised the would end up more like slippers which he could not really wear outside. So instead I set about making something that could go over any footwear. This meant getting my foot on the work table and drawing round it, wrapping it in pattern paper and generally making a mess!

But I got there –


And then it was on to the felt…


It didn’t like the curves but we got there in the end!


I secured the side with a small piece of elastic so he could slip it on over his foot, and another strip to hold it in place underneath.


Tada! I think they are adorable!

I purchased some green leggings and a second hand green t-shirt from eBay and started cutting…


I also found him a belt to pull the XXL t-shirt into his wait – v Peter Pan!

And finally, green felt and red feather means…


Yep, you guessed it, the hat! I had been sent the original costume hat to work from which was a real help as it is subtly shaped – I love the outcome!


Can’t wait to see the birthday boy in his costume – so cute!


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