Handmade Wedding Rings!


Yes, along with a unique, handmade wedding we decided to make each other’s wedding rings! My cousin had travelled to Scotland for him and his now wife to make their rings – but we found someone a little closer to home…we got in touch with Rosalyn Prest from Rosalyn’s Emporium in Chesham to organise a consultation session.

She was very encouraging and interesting – with a lot of experience to draw from she advised and informed us of the myriad of options for our wedding rings and left us to make our own decisions before attending out experience day on 14/07/18!

Our rings started out as bars of 9ct white gold…


We then began hammering the bars to fit our finger sizes – Alex had the extra challenge of making a delicate bend in the wedding ring so it would fit around my engagement ring!

We then trimmed the metal back in order to solder the join…

Then came the filing and buffing to make the rings smooth and even…

Next, we got to polish the rings up – it was amazing how much difference this made to the look of them!

To finish off Alex’s ring I needed to hammer some texture around the outside which was so much fun!


We also managed to make some cufflinks for our groomsmen – they started off as little squares or silver…


We then hammered funky texture into the front of the cufflinks…

While I was finishing off Alex’s ring, he hammered the groomsmen’s initials on to the pairs…

And after a polish, here they are! Can’t wait to see their faces when they open these!

We have left our rings with Roz to get hallmarked and have a small ‘x’ engraved on the insides – can’t believe we have actually made the rings we will wear as man and wife!


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