Moto jacket for Nikki

Commission, Construction, Textile work

One of my uni friends challenged me with a commission – she is in love with these moto jackets but cannot find any to suit her unique taste and also they are becoming scarce as the fashions change. So she appealed to my better nature and asked if I could make her one of her own and of course I said yes, I love a challenge and would love to make her something she adores!

So I started doing my pattern research (I did not think it sensible to start making my own pattern!) and found some really interesting ones online and in the end Nikki decided on this Evergreen Jacket from Hey June.

She gave me some colour and pattern ideas and I went shopping!!! Following in the pattern instructions I purchased some maroon sweatshirt material!

And got cutting…

I have not used a pattern for ages so it took me a while to work it all out but Hey June’s pattern was well thought out and clearly explained!

I made a pocket! One of the most exciting things I’ve done – adding a zip and pocket seems so simple but I suddenly realised I’d never done it before!

It wasn’t long before the pieces of the pattern were looking more like a jacket!

I love the little details that Hey June included in the pattern, simple things like top stitching lines around the collar make the item really stand out as unique!

I’m so proud of myself for sticking it out and I’m thrilled with the outcome!

Finishing touch…a lovely label for a lovely jacket!

Here is the finished item…I hope Nikki loves it as much as I do!

Stay tuned for images of the customer in her new garment!

The very talented Julian Jaschke took some amazing photos of Nikki in her new jacket and sent them over to me – I think she looks absolutely stunning!

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