Unique Upcycled Jacket!

Commission, Construction, Textile work

I was contacted by a lovely lady I met while trading at the Marlborough Christmas Shopping event in November. She loved my jackets but was not sure they would suit her or if she would really wear one with a long skirt. So I suggested she looks for her own which I could upcycled for her – she went straight out and found a bargain in a charity shop – a Giorgio Armani jacket! Sian also had ideas of what she wanted me to do with it, which was great for my first jacket commission:

Autumnal colours, trim around the neck and opening, pocket square, elbow patches and maybe some embroidery on the back, but that bit was left up to me!


So, I got to work! Picking out some autumnal buttons to ease myself into the design process…

And then finding some beautiful fabric to make the pocket square and matching elbow patches out of…


I then started in on the patchwork and embroidery to further the autumnal feel – I tried a few arrangements and sent my favourite to Sian to give the go ahead and hand embroidered an elegant flower over the top…


We also decided on some trim to go round the whole jacket, excluding the cuffs, which really helped lift her jacket!


It was so much fun to work on this personal project with Sian and I was thrilled when she said she loved it as much as I do!

And it looks even better on…!

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