Chair for Amy

Homeware, Textile work

So…my first solo upholstery commission and I am very excited. It came from Alex’s family again, in the shape of a beautiful old chair covered in gorgeous, albeit faded, brocade with a pretty trim…


It was a bit heartbreaking to rip it off, but very interesting seeing all the layers that built it up originally…

But now it is just the frame – looks edgy and arty…but not very comfy yet!


So I started with a new webbing which was really fun to do – I end had a special tool to help me!

I then secured the springs in a similar position as they originally were…

Then I flipped the chair over and added more hessian on the underside to give it a really nice finish…


Next came, yep you guessed it, more hessian over the top of the springs to squash them down and create our chair silhouette – I found this but really tricky as it was hard to know how much to squish them by…if I did them too much I would loose the shape of the chair, too little and the chair might be wobbly!


Next step was to start building up the horsehair on the hessian…

And some wadding to soften the horsehair…


And then my favourite bit, stretching the calico over all the layers and finally seeing the finished shape of the chair!


The calico made it easy to smooth the final fabric over the top and adding the lovely trim picked out by Amy…


And I am so so pleased with the finished item! Hope Amy loves it as much as I do!


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