Signs for the Birdcage

Construction, Festivals, Homeware

So after making my new signs for oo arh! my stepdad approached me with a commission! He and my mum have a lovely restaurant in Malmesbury call ‘The Birdcage’ (I know, shamelessly promoting my family’s business – I should get commissions for how often I talk about them and their fantastic pizzas!) and he wanted some lavatory signs for it! Very exciting – so I obviously said yes…excuse to get the power tools out again!

I still have some of the reclaimed wood left over from the oo arh! signs, so I decided to cut them to size (5″x 16″) and then repeated the same process as before – it worked a treat then so I have faith that it wouldn’t fail me this time! Also Stewart stated he wanted them exactly like the originals – so I got all the materials and tools out…and got cracking! 

Boards cut to size…

First coat of Creocote..

And the next…

Now the Vaseline…

And the spray paint…

I then wiped the Vaselined edges and sanded the spray paint down to get a lovely distressed effect and started painting my lettering…

And here are the signs in situ…
I’m very proud of how they turned out and how well they fit in with the restaurant! 

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