Granny’s cushion covers

Construction, Homeware

Another family project – my Granny has had her sofa since we were little and she likes to have it updated everyone now and then. And this time she asked me if I might be able to make her some new cushion covers that would match her interior. Of course, I said yes, and set about choosing some fabrics…


I finally decided on these two lovely vintage style fabrics that will hopefully compliment any living room. I also purchased some piping cod and 3 zips to make an elegant fastening to the covers.


I topstitched the vintage fabric to the right hand side of the zip and attached the piping cord to the right side of the floral fabric.


And then attached the two sides of the covers together via the zip…


And the finally stitched both sides together over the piping cord to complete the cushion cover.


I am quite pleased with the finish of the covers – especially since these are my first proper ones I have ever done! I hope she likes them and I will add a few photos of them in situ when my Granny has received her new items.

I have just been emailed this lovely photo! And she said she is really thrilled with them!

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