Music in the Park, Thame


To kick off the festival season I decided to go local and visit Thame’s one day music festival!
We packed the car the night before as we had a fairly early start! And I was pleasantly surprised at how much we were able to fit in the jeep.

I had never been to Thame before, but had hear plenty of lovely things about it, in fact it reminded me a lot of Marlborough with its wide highsteet flanked with pretty little independent shops.

The festival was being held in a school field, with the food stalls, kids area and trading stalls around the edge of the arena – with two stages! Cleverly organised so they had music on all the time which was entertaining for us as well! It was so good to get everything out again, like the opening ceremony of our season!

We had some very interesting people trading near us, including Natty Tatty, who upcycles Tweed jackets and the like into dog collars, dog beds and more! I also got a lovely henna style drawing from the team next door, helping young people to open up and chat about what’s going on in their lives, supporting them through tough times and setting them up for job interviews, etc.

There was a real festival feel to the day and even the rain held off for us! We had a lot of visitors to the stall, and many with encouraging comments to bestow – it is always lovely to receive feed back and ideas especially when they are local and can give tips of other local festivals, etc.

We even had some ladies trying some things on!! And, I’m sure I have said this before, but it is a fantastic mix of weird and exciting to see my clothes worn by real people! To me they are oo arh! pieces but to the people who fall in love with them, they are original!
Thanks to Chris and her amazing team of volunteers who made the day possible – you and the army guys did so well and it made the day go smoothly for all!

Thanks to Alex for all his manual labour, happy chatting and support –  and his brilliant dress sense!


Here’s to the next one!!!

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