Keeping myself busy…

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After moving, and half being able to unpack and half not, I kept myself busy still with little home improvement projects and tasks for family members.

There was a lot of moving sewing machines around and going back and forth between rooms…but that was part of the fun!


Firstly, accompanied by Bake Off!, I constructed these adorable advent stockings (a little early you may say!) and attached them to a festive ribbon to brighten up the walls at Christmas – now we can do personalise chocolates to count down to the festivities!


More home improvements…in my boyfriends collection of prized possessions are some basketball scarves and he really wanted them to be turned into some sort of decoration for the flat. So I didn’t want to start cutting the beautiful items up, so I simply ladder stitched them together to form a throw for the sofa! Now everyone can appreciate them!

Finally, the new addition to my sewing family is my overlocker! And I am totally in love!

I was tasked with the project of taking in a dress…a jersey dress…but this wonderful piece of equipment made it easy! Felt very professional and feel I have conquered my fear of not being able to thread a serger, etc! Love it!


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