Covering a footstool

Construction, Homeware

Another of my homeware projects included covering a donated footstool to fit in with our living room!

I started off by measuring the footstool and sorting through my excessive bags of fabric to see what I could use. And then cut out the top panel first…I used an old bean bag cover (waste not, want not) which would tie in with my recently upholstered chair!

And, using my serger!, I overlocked the edges to keep the wading and lining together as one piece. Next, I cut out strips of the mini fabric (I know, how match-y match-y am I?!) and tried my best to line up the pattern as much as possible. I think it worked out quite well!

Spur of the moment impulse alert!

I decided to insert some piping, again out of the blue wool used on the chair, to add a little more colour and interest to the footstool!


I then had to assemble to whole thing – no easy task since there were so many layers, and thick ones at that! Nevertheless, with a bit of brute force we succeeded. And the final touch was to insert some elastic into a channel hem on the underside of the footstool to make the cover easy to pull on and off!

So, an afternoon well spent, I think! Very proud with the way the two items of furniture match!


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