Graduate Show ’16

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As part of my university course, we end our final year with a Graduate Show, hosted by the Laurence Bately Theatre, displaying final costumes from across final and second year students.

Working up to this show, we have collaborated with music students from the university and I was lucky enough to get to work with Sebastien Lavoie (check him out through the Sound Cloud) whose composition added a futuristic and mysterious edge that only a talented musician can create!

We also had the help of Alex Beldea taking fantastic photos for each of us – you can really get a feel of the characters and their history. Matty Holgate and Julia Blair were complete stars at the photoshoot, coping with my flustered attitude, the business of the hair and make up sessions and getting into their characters!


Together they contrast through the colour and textures on their costumes, but, as costumes, they work well when see together, which is exactly the kind of juxtaposition I wanted to achieve between this couple.

I am also impressed with how alike the final costumes are to my original designs:


I can get a real sense of how the other costumes would have turn out too, shame we did not have more time, but I am thrilled with the outcome of Cabal and Rowena!

We also got to collaborate Tom Perrin ,an extremely talented choreographer, to help our mini-perofrmances flow with polish and attitude to develop our characters on stage. He was so enthusiastic and proficient at thinking on the spot our 15 minute slots with him really flew by but managing to achieve so much that my performers felt comfortable with their roles and movements for the show.

We had a few rehearsals with tutors and the choreographer and then it was on to the show day – 16th June!

IMG_5940 (1)

It was a jam packed day but everyone, designers and performers alike, gave it their all! What a way to end my time at Huddersfield – with music, lights, colour and applause! I know we have graduation to come but this was celebrating all we had achieved together over the 4 years! There will be a DVD coming soon but for now take a look at Sebastien Lavoie’s video for the full effect – with the music and the different shots the whole piece really comes together!

Here are some pictures which Holly, Julia’s daughter, kindly took that really give an idea of how the lights and the look of the show really worked to add atmosphere to the 2 min slot!

It will be strange leaving, but I have so many happy memories and have met some many amazing people, and had the opportunity to work with some many too – I feel extremely lucky to be able to come back to the real working world with confidence and a passion for what I do.

Thank you Huddersfield! And thank you to the Costume with Textiles tutors and technicians who helped me find my feet, teach, advise, and inspire me!

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