Harem Pants!


I have become quite obsessed with harem pants – I bought my first pair about 4 years ago at WOMAD and have loved them ever since; they are so soft and comfortable to wear!

I have been buying, on average, one pair per festival; so I know have quite a collection which vary in style and colour and they have become my go-to items for any occasion (even putting them with heels for a smart do!)

This year I bought some fabric which I could SEE as a pair of harem trousers but I was unsure how to replicate the style with the low crotch…so I searched the web and found a brilliant blog by Paruuna Thornwood which took me step by step through the construction –  there is even a video to help with the bit which I could not get my head round! Perfect – well worth a look! They look brilliant and feel so comfortable – and look more impressive when you do not know how they are made!


The only bad thing was that the trousers ended up being a little too short – this factor didn’t really matter due to the elastic but if I pull the trousers up any further the elastic round my ankles the fabric is pulled up; therefore the next time I will make sure to add a bit more fabric to be on the safe side.

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