Random Makes…


I created a jacket out of an old dress which fitted me when I was 13 and now looks funky! I cut off the skirt section and created large sleeves our of them and added a trim of lace from an underskirt.

The now interesting jacket…

The now interesting jacket…

Three skirts made from material (bought from a sari stall at WOMAD) which feel beautiful…


The first is my favourite holiday skirt because it is so light and I love the different shades of blue; the second was the very first one I constructed so even though it does not have a interesting shape like the third I still like it’s simplicity; the third is heavy and one for more of a formal occasion.

This is an evening dress which I made from scrap curtain material for the bodice and sari material for the skirt for a birthday trip to London. I love bodice dresses because they feel so nice to wear and the sari material makes it look like a Greek sculpture (and of course, I just had to get new stripy green and cream shoes to go with it!)

IMG_0402 IMG_0404

A day dress made from, again, strips of random blue fabric (because it is my favourite colour!) the construction was really simple, all rectangles but I think it looks pretty…


I used the bottom of the fabric so that I did not need to do a hem – time saving!

A jacket I embellished with beads, ribbon and scrap curtain material to make it more wearable – it was from Gap Kids and I have had it for donkeys years and now wear it more frequently!


Another jacket, second hand, which I added to with lace and scrap curtain fabric so that it looks a bit more interesting with an injection of colour and texture…


I think this must have been the first thing I made in my A level Textiles lessons – a jacket which is reminiscent of the duffle coats me and my twin brother wore when we were little! I was looking at family histories and decided to make one – the grey jacket was the toile which I then added pockets and fastenings to in order to make it match the final product. For a first time make it was quite ambitious as I had to use a child’s pattern and scale it up but the effect was lovely and I still wear it!

Me and my twin brother in our matching coats.

Me and my twin brother on the drive.

Me and my twin brother in our matching coats.

Me and my twin brother in our matching coats.

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