Prom Dresses!


I decided, wisely or not, to make both my Yr 11 and Yr 13 prom dresses, and why not?! I knew exactly what I wanted, more or less, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something which, let’s face it, I was only going to wear once (although I do still have both and am always on the look out for any occasion!)

The former was created from a ‘burda young fashion’ pattern and made, unwisely, out of a shiny blue, polyester mix, but at the time I loved it! I also had a patterned cotton which was for the detail on the trim and empire band. The pattern, etc, worked and it fitted like a gloves but I think, if the fabric had been nicer and not cheap, it would have looked a lot better!


My Yr 11 Prom dress.

My Yr 11 Prom dress.

On the other hand, I am still in love with my latest prom dress – I bought it for £28 from a charity shop in Bath and simply cut off the sleeves, got rid of a huge plait around the neckline, chucked the net underskirt, made a nice neckline and hitched the skirt up to add volume and shape – simple really and yet so effective!

The original bridesmaids dress...

The original bridesmaids dress…


My altered Yr 13 Prom dress!

My altered Yr 13 Prom dress!

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